Welcome to Pinecco website!

Pinecco is an Estonian company who designs and creates different wooden products. Our main working tool is a laser cutting machine which helps to create very specific elements with the best precision and top quality. Our product development draws curiosity, creativity and humor – in a word, inspiration. We only use natural and environmentally friendly materials. This ensures the products are long lasting and safe to use for everybody including children. The product range includes souvenirs and items suitable for gifts, products with the company’s logo, various interior design elements and toys. Since our products start with drawings, you can also contact us for drawings only. Or if you already have your own draft, just for laser cutting only. A large part of our work is based on customized orders, therefore a satisfied and happy client is our ultimate goal. Thank you!

Baby milestone cards


Wooden double-sided milestone cards are perfect for capturing your baby’s first year with its most memorable moments. Simply fill in the backside of the card and take pictures of your baby together with the card. Baby’s weight, length and precious moments can all be written to the backside of each card. Adding these cards to your baby pictures you will never forget when your little one smiled for the first time, rolled over, learned to crawl, tried solid food or made the very first steps.



Inspired by nature! Every tree in the nature grows unique and so are all our wooden clocks unique. The clocks are a perfect and practical interior design element for your home or office and would also make an amazing gift for a friend.

You can also contact us for drawings and drafts only.