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  • Choose colour
  • Add as many letters to the shopping cart as the child’s name contains
  • Enter the child’s name and write the desired color tones of the color card
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The name puzzle is a fun and creative way for the child to learn the letters in their name and to place the letters in correct order. Our puzzle also has a nice design element. Find in our selection the colors that best suit your child’s room or create a fun atmosphere.

We created a special symmetrical font for the letters which allow letter placement both ways. The letterbeds have small circular concavities so that the child’s tiny fingers can take the letters out one by one instead of having to turn the puzzle around. The puzzle plywood is smooth and in the color palette we only use natural oil waxes which let the wood texture to show underneath. Our oil waxes do not create a layer of paint which could easily peel off when the child puts the letters in their mouth.

The height of the letters is 5-6cm and the height of the puzzle itself is 8cm. Thickness is 0,7cm.
The length of the puzzle varies depending on the length of the name. (Longer names can also be placed on separate rows).

In order to make the puzzle more interesting for the child and more fun to learn the letters, we also offer a selection of details designed by us for the puzzle (Product photos 1 and 2). As more and more designs are added, you can find more photos from our name puzzles that make the selection easier on our Instagram or Facebookpage.

The puzzle is packed in a felt bag.

In addition, the puzzle comes with little “legs” that can be used to place the puzzle on a table or shelf.

Our name puzzles can be ordered in natural plywood tone or oil waxed. The cost of a single letter in natural color is 2.50€/piece. The cost of a colored letter is 3.90€/piece. Choose in the order as many letters as the child’s name contains. The starting price is 12€ and the final cost depends on the amount of the letters in the name. For example puzzle “SOFIA” with colorful letters will be 5×3.90 = 19.50€. When making a purchase, write us the child’s name. The color chart can be found next to the product photo.

If you have special wishes regarding the design of the puzzle, please write to us and we will find a solution. In the case of special orders, a fee for a drawing is added, which we agree with each customer separately. The additional fee depends on the complexity of the drawing.

The natural oil waxes we use are free of volatile chemical compounds, therefore safe to use on toys. Toy Standard EN 71-3 signature proves that on childrens’ toys the oil wax it is absolutely harmless, bearing in mind that children often put toys in their mouth. These oil waxes can also be used on kitchen surfaces and utensils which get in contact with foods.

We manufacture the products according to your orders and therefore the usual production time is 5-7 working days. If you want to receive your order faster, write to us

And now a little explanation of the designs we offer. We offer the designs in product photos 1 and 2 free of charge (the price of the puzzle depends on the number of stars).

Product photo 1 – Figures coming out of a puzzle

Letter designs:

T1 – Star without decorations

T2 – Star with hearts

T3 – Letter with stars

T4 – Letter with lines

T5 – Star with circles

T6 – Star with triangles

T7 – Star with squares

Different contents of the letters:

S1 – With heart

S2 – With flower

S3 – With an star

EDifferent shaped content can be selected from A; O; Õ; Ö letters.

Shapes coming out of the puzzle:

K1 – Butterfly

K2 – Bee

K3 – Flower

K4 – Star

K5 – Car

K6 – Duck

K7 – Rocket

K8 – Cloud

The child can easily clear the basic shapes:

K9 – Ring

K10 – Square

K11 – Triangle

K12 – Star

The shapes in the product photo 1 can also be drawn on the bottom of the puzzle so that they do not come out of the bottom.

Product photo 2 – Selection of shapes for the bottom of the puzzle:

V1 – Hearts – cutout

V2 – Hearts – engraving

V3 – Rounds

V4 – Flowers

V5 – Stars

V6 – Moons

V7 – Squares

V8 – Triangles

All shapes starting with the letter V can be engraved on the bottom of the puzzle, cut out or marked with a line only

P1 – Sun

P2 – Clouds

P3 – The plane

P4 – Grass

P5 – Flags

P6 – Bear

P7 – Wedges and dandelions

P8 – Flowers

P9 – The plane

P10 – Birds

P11 – Snowflakes

P12 – Hearts

P13 – Butterfly

P14 – Butterfly

P15 – Balloons

P16 – Mouse with flowers

P17 – Feet

P18 /1-7 – Different flowers

See pictures of our puzzles: Facebook Instagram


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